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Scheduling that Saves Time and Attendance

Know where you are going! 

Predictive Scheduling

Standard Shifts

OverTime Management

Shift Management



Group Scheduling

Eliminate the Guesswork!  

Scheduling is demanding and forecasting your future workforce needs is certainly challenging and a guess based on the norm.   SimplyWork relieves your business from the stress of scheduling incorrectly and failing to adhere to local fair scheduling laws.  We use your past, present and future demand data such as beds filled, foot traffic and more to accurately predict labor hour totals down to the minute.  This combined with availability and leave data from your workforce provides schedulers the information to get schedules right for your business and for your workforce.   


SimplyWork's customers large, small and in different verticals have helped us solve many scheduling problems while following local compliance laws.  Our drag and drop clean user interface, smooth workflow and automation makes finally using a scheduling solution simple and accurate.  View and design your workforce schedules in our hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or group scheduler.  


However you want to look at it by Hour, Day, Week, Month SimplyWork provides all the right Scheduling tools that increase employee engagement and decrease turnover while optimizing the labor pool to obtain positive Scheduled results.  With our Predictive Scheduling solution your Workforce will SimplyWork together.  

Unnessary Pay

Controlling overtime and Conflict Management ensure things such as lunch breaks are taken and shifts are worked as scheduled.  SimplyWork aligns with your local compliance laws such as minimum rest and manages scheduled shifts to the minute making sure your company budgets remain positive.  


Sometimes life gets in the way and you have to shift things around a little. On top of employees posting their availability and leave requests managers can post Open Shifts for employees to choose from with manager approval. Employees can also ask to drop a shift they are assigned to work and if approved and picked up by another employee they are free to have the day off.  Nobody gets hurt!

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Absence Management

Integration to your payroll provider usually provides us with the ability to pull into SimplyWork an employees PTO balance and populate those totals for employees in the SimplyWork Leave Manager. SimplyWork can also provide accruals should your payroll provider be antiquated. Managers can be alerted on several topics, see conflicts and approve/deny from anywhere.



Simply the best Scheduling, Timekeeping and Attendance Management Software for Today’s Workforce

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